When I was 5 my father built my sister and I a treehouse.  Put simply that treehouse was home to countless memories that over 30 years later I still remember vividly.  In 2011 when we moved to our current (and final) home one of the first things I took an accounting of was the 60 foot spruce that was growing perfectly in the southwest corner of our backyard.  It was immediately earmarked for what would be home to my children’s future treehouse.  So three years later in the summer of 2014 it was time to begin building.  I broke out some scrap paper and laid out the general structural plans.  I sought the approval of my right hand man – Jack (age 7) who stamped the sketches minutes later and eagerly accompanied me (along with his broker Mason (age 5)) to the lumber yard that afternoon.   With two treehouse anchor bolts, eathquake ties and what amount to over 1000 pounds in cedar and douglas fir we were off and running.

To ensure they embraced the project I decided to buy them their first Carhart overalls which turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever given them.  As I write this post we are two months into the project and can confidently say this will go down as one of the best father/son experiences I will have with my boys.  Stay tuned for more updates and PICTURES!!!