My wife and I have had the wonderful pleasure of having Jim represent us on three separate real estate transactions over a ten-year period ( 2004, 2007, and, most recently, this past July). In 2007, we relocated from Portland to San Diego and, then, ultimately Honolulu. Over this span of time, we bought and sold two homes and had the opportunity to meet and work with a number of other brokers across two other states.   I can sincerely say that we have not encountered a more knowledgeable, caring, or trustworthy individual in this business than Jim.  In our July return move to Portland, we prioritized schools as we now have two small children. Jim was able to secure us a beautifully remodeled home in the Alameda/Beaumont/Grant school district before it came to market. From initial offer to home inspection, to subsequent negotiations, to the occasional nudging of the bank and all the way to meeting me and my 2 year-old daughter at title for signing with a big cup of local coffee, Jim tirelessly took care of us. 




Jamie and Lorenzo (BUYERS THEN SELLERS)

Jim knows houses. He understands the principles of solid construction because he’s built houses. This skill is incredibly valuable when you are assessing a house. Having lived in apartments, we didn’t know what to look for as we shopped for our first house. Jim did.

Once we were ready to make our first offer, Jim did not back down in any negotiations. He fought for the install of a new sewer line and for an oil tank decommissioning; all at the sellers expense. These two negotiations, and the corresponding paperwork, paid off when we were ready to sell.

The selling process couldn’t have been easier with Jim leading negotiations and making sure to find the right buyers. We had multiple offers, thanks to Jim effective marketing and careful vetting. I can’t say enough about the way Jim advocated for us with the final buyer’s agent. He kept every promise he made to us when we, as team, decided to sell.

The word realtor doesn’t come close to conveying Jim’s skill set and dedication to his profession. He is detailed, thorough and he really works for his clients. He’s not a salesman, which at the end of the day is critical when you are making a decision as important to your future, and your family as buying or selling a home.



“We met our last agent at an open house and had a fine experience. This time around we wanted an outstanding one so we did our research. We wanted a full time agent with a balance of buyer/seller representations and enough years to be considered experienced but not too many to be considered old-school. We hired Jim after our first meeting. He was responsive, knowledgeable, likeable and a great listener. What we probably appreciated most about Jim is that he didn’t try to prove his worth by taking us through a bunch of houses or sending us a bunch of listings. We were very specific in what we wanted and he understood this. Jim showed us exactly one house in the five months we worked with him and it only took that one for us to buy. Success!” BUYERS: Margo & Bruce



“Jim has a thorough knowledge of Portland neighborhoods and helped us to find one that fit our needs and taste. He is very flexible and was always willing to accommodate my schedule. He is an excellent negotiator and client advocate. We bought an older home and Jim educated us regarding potential issues surrounding our home purchase. He is a great resource for all things Portland… from where to shop for home restoration products to where to find the best contractors in town. Jim has a great attention to detail and conducts his business in a courteous and professional manner. “ – Dr. Carr



“We had the pleasure of working with Jim to buy our first home in NE Portland. His extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods in Portland helped us make an informed decision on where we wanted to purchase our family home. At the time we were looking for a home, the inventory was low. Jim found us an amazing house that was not on the market. His connections within the field gave us a rare opportunity to look at a home that we would have otherwise never known about. Jim’s expertise on crafting an offer secured the home purchase despite multiple offers. When it came time for inspections, Jim helped us negotiate $4000+ worth of repairs, which was significant in a seller’s market. We felt very fortunate to have his negotiating skills on our side.

Jim Arnal goes above and beyond what you would expect of most realtors and he truly has his clients’ best interests in mind. We could not be happier with our home buying experience and would recommend him to anyone. He is the best realtor you will find in Portland, hands down.”
The Tehranis



Jim Arnal was recommended to me by a friend as a great realtor to work with when I decided to move to Portland from the Bay Area. I met with Jim and was impressed by his demeanor and explanation of how he helps his clients find new homes. Jim is one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with and is an outstanding listener and communicator.

Jim worked closely with me to identify my needs in a new home and to educate me about the different neighborhoods of Portland. Once we narrowed down what I was looking for, Jim was diligent in his search for a property that fit the criteria. I truly appreciated Jim’s knowledge of building construction and design in identifying the pros and cons of potential homes. Jim was always encouraging that I would find the “right” home.

Once the right home was found, Jim was skilled in negotiating the purchase from the inspections to the final offer and acceptance. He provided great advice in how to negotiate in the current, highly competitive market.

In addition, Jim has an extensive network of quality tradespeople he works with for both inspections and repair/home improvements, which he shares with his clients. Jim has encouraged me to continue to use him when I need a second opinion about a proposal or assistance in how to handle a house project.

I am grateful for Jim’s outstanding service in buying my new home. From start to finish, including after the closing, Jim takes care of his clients.



From the moment we met Jim it was apparent that he would be with us 100% from start to finish. He already came to us with glowing recommendations from friends and coworkers and within minutes of meeting him we knew that our friends had not exaggerated.

We were in the unusual situation of being very happy with our house but simply wanting a bit more space. This translated into A LOT of looking.

Jim never seemed to tire of our pickiness, our questions, or our desire to look at a home even though I’m sure he knew it was not right for us. It was never about buying or selling but making sure we found the right home. Jim has a wealth of knowledge both about the real estate market and about home construction in Northeast Portland. Several months into our search we learned that Jim was building a home on his own. There was never any pressure but we were very interested in seeing his design. After working with Jim for so long we came to know and trust his opinion wholeheartedly.

We now feel fortunate that we are able to live in a home that he created. His knowledge of construction and architectural detail is phenomenal and our home is spectacular. Jim never failed to listen to our concerns and come up with workable solutions.

I most highly recommend Jim to any one searching for a realtor. He will remain committed to your needs from start to finish without fail.

Bryan and Stacey Trueworthy



Jim helped us purchase our first home in Multnomah Village. He was available almost 24/7 and made every effort to work with our schedule as much as possible. I really appreciated the organization Jim demonstrated when it was time to tour several homes, allowing us plenty of time to walk around the house. It is a great asset to have a realtor that brings more to the table than just the purchase. Jim has a great knowledge of building techniques, a great eye for architecture and a ton of experience to help you gain information about a house. He was eager to dig around in the basement to figure out what the heating system was, climbed on the roof to inspect the roofing materials and crawled on his knees to determine whether there was hardwood flooring underneath the carpet. After all that, the most impressive thing about Jim was that he never steered you one way or the other. He provides information, lots of it, but really leaves the more personal decision of whether you like a house to you, the buyers. Objectivity and integrity are good things to have in a realtor. Even months after the purchase, Jim stood with us as we had some issues to deal with the previous owners. It is that kind of hard work and personal dedication that makes Jim an outstanding realtor. We are now gearing up for the purchase of a new home, and I could not imagine not asking Jim for his advice and services.



“As first time home buyers, we had a general idea of our wants and needs but little idea of how to go about finding them. The speed of the buying market at the time we were searching made things all the more difficult and anxiety-provoking for us. We sought out Jim due to a recommendation from a friend after their wonderful experience and we have never recommended anyone or anything as highly as we do him. Jim has a rare combination of extraordinary work ethic and utmost dedication to his clients and it is clear that he truly cares about finding THE right home. He has extensive knowledge of home structure and history. This was particularly helpful in buying an older Portland home as he was able to identify encouraging structural aspects of a house and potential long-term issues that may arise.

Knowing full well it wasn’t true, we still often felt like we were his only client. He worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was in place for a seamless offer and closing experience. We had heard so many stories from others having incredibly frustrating experiences in the buying market and we feel very lucky to have had Jim on our side.” Chris and Allison



As the owner of a busy appraisal company located close-in NE Portland I deal with Portland realtors on a daily basis. There are a select few agents that I hold in the highest esteem and Jim Arnal is at the top of that list. I first became familiar with his skills as a client advocate in the course of my work as an appraiser. As a part of my job I analyze listings for the comparables sales I include in my appraisal reports. I would always make a mental note of who the listing agent was if I saw a strong price for the seller or who the buyer’s agent was if a saw a good buy for a buyer. Time and again I would notice that Jim was getting his buyers good deals on their home purchases and getting his sellers top value for their homes.

When it was time to sell my Irvington home I chose to use Jim. He did not disappoint. I could see why he was such a good agent and why his clients benefited by having him as their realtor. He put his heart and soul into getting my house sold. No detail was missed. When we got an offer, his strong negotiating skills were much appreciated. Since then, I have used Jim to put offers on two homes. Both times he was able to get my offer accepted when there was a competitive situation. In both cases it wasn’t only about making the highest offer but having the right negotiator. He is an invaluable asset in this current market where inventory is low.

Aside from being a great agent, I also consider Jim a good friend. He has a young family and puts them first. He is ethical and works tirelessly for his clients. I respect those traits tremendously. When asked who I would use to buy or sell home I tell them, without hesitation, Jim Arnal. – RON ALBANO (SELLER AND BUYER)



Jim Arnal will be our realtor as long as we live in Portland! We interviewed five realtors and chose Jim because we liked his communication style (and his website). He helped us find and buy our very first home and turned a daunting, stressful experience into a rewarding and exciting one! Jim went out of his way to learn what we wanted in a house and then to educate us about the things we had not even thought about. He is smart, honest, knows Portland, and is terrific when it comes to negotiation. I recommend Jim to all my friends, but believe he is a particularly good fit as a realtor for residents and physicians. Jim has an amazing work ethic and he understands that the life of a resident does not fit a “nine- to-five” schedule. I cannot stress how crucial this was when we bought our house. At one point in the negotiation process, he needed us both to sign a document in hardcopy that same day by midnight. My husband told him that would be impossible since I was on a 24-hour shift across town at St. V’s in Beaverton. We learned that the term “impossible” doesn’t really apply when it comes to Jim: I will never forget when my realtor showed up on labor & delivery at 10pm just to get my signature! Trust me – that is the type of guy you want working for you if you plan to juggle an 80-hour work week and buying a home! – Andy and Dr. Dafna Schwartz



“Jim was highly recommended to me by a friend who bought and sold her home with his help. Since then he has helped me purchase two homes and sell one. Having been through both the purchasing and selling process with Jim, I would not hesitate to extend my own fervent recommendation.
When we considered buying a home in NE Portland, Jim initially took us on a street-by-street tour of the neighborhoods. His vast knowledge of the market, the homes in the area, and passion for architecture is impressive and helped us develop a deeper appreciation for the homes he showed us.
Jim was patient as we looked at many houses. He went further than just taking note of what we liked and didn’t like, he sought to really understand the motivation behind our preferences.

With determination and keen attention in a seller’s market he proactively found a home that we can grow into, far exceeding our expectations. His confidence expertly guided us in building a winning offer in a multiple-bid situation while removing any apprehension we had. Not only are his negotiation skills excellent, but his council through the home inspection, repairs, closing, and move-in phases were invaluable.
As a realtor on the seller side, Jim provided detailed and insightful market analysis and great advice on preparing our home for the sale. He jumped in and made phone calls and checked in when we weren’t able to do so. The marketing collateral he creates is the most professional and impressive I’ve seen in the marketplace. He walked us through the entire process without making us feel intimidated and no question felt inconsequential.
Whether buying or selling a home with Jim, you are well taken care of. We have every trust and faith in him and his dedication and service speaks for itself. We can’t say enough about the personal touch Jim adds to everything he does. It is what truly distinguishes him not only as a realtor, but as a friend.”



Job loss. Short sale. Relocation. Expectant wife with our first born. This was the context of meeting Jim Arnal. And with all of the stress we had on us, we could not have felt more confident in selecting Jim Arnal. He came to us highly recommended and now we know why. Clear communication and expectations. Honest feedback and counsel about next steps. Jim handled our case with upmost professionalism and respect. Be it face-to-face or over the phone, Jim was determined to sell our home while we moved across the country and he did. He never stopped working for us. He got the job done and even saved us money through the process. Now I understand why all my friends recommend him, and now do I. Jason B.



Jim Arnal is a leader in Oregon real estate and one of the finest professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. He is exceedingly bright and knowledgeable about the real estate market, and is a true advocate for his clients. His attention to detail and skills with negotiation lend a sense of security and confidence in even the most stressful of property acquisitions and sales. Several years ago, my husband and I bought our first home through Jim and his kindness and support kept us sane during our first-time homebuyer’s experience. He has saved our family from costly sewer repairs and radon exposure and a variety of other potential costly repairs. Our experience was so positive; we just bought our second home with Jim. He found us our house a property that wasn’t even on the market for sale – after listening to our list of wants and likes. Because of Jim Arnal we are in our dream home where we have started our family and plan to grow old together. Jim Arnal’s background and higher education in the fine arts and architecture and his willingness to share his expertise also add a valuable search component when looking to buy or sell a property. He has the vision for possible remodels, interior design, and landscaping that help highlight the pros and cons of each property. In our years working with Jim, he has never pressured us or pushed our budget. We also worked with Jim Arnal to sell our first home, which sold in 4 days above our asking price! A more respectful, bright, and diligent professional I have yet to meet. Without hesitation I fully recommend Jim Arnal as the best real estate broker in the city of Portland, an ally in the field to both buyers and sellers. Clients: Sarah Jump and Ross Bryan



“I really can’t say enough kind words about working with Jim to sell our home in 2011. He’s responsive, available and very knowledgable. He is not only well educated in his field but he is also very well connected. He came highly recommended by two of our good friends and I’m passing the recommendation along. From start to finish his branding is A+, he is kind yet firm and clear in explanation, he gets the job done with his negotiating skills (quite amazing and proven! We were able to get over asking in a down market). Not only did I enjoy working with Jim enough to give his service 100% but at the end of the process I’d be happy to call him a friend.” Josh and Melissa



During the course of buying our first home, Jim saved me and my wife from buying a property that may well have become a money pit for us. He was diligent to review prior listings of this particular home, and what he found raised questions about the integrity of the home’s foundation. That was just one of a half dozen or so homes Jim talked us out of buying. Times when we were dazzled by a certain feature of a home or blind to one or more of its defects. Jim did a great job of providing perspective and reminding us about the things we had said we were and weren’t looking for in a home. We ended up getting a home that was a great fit for us.

We were so pleased with Jim’s knowledge, integrity, and responsiveness, that we worked with him again several years later (last year). He was very patient with us, as this time around we were a little pickier (having formed stronger opinions about what we were and weren’t looking for). Despite our near-obsessive searching online for the several months our house hunt lasted, in the end the house we ended up buying was one Jim found for us. He really listened to us and understood our needs and hopes. Around that same time, some friends of ours were also looking to buy a house. Over dinner one night, we traded stories about the different homes we had been looking at and how the process was going. They were impressed with the level of expertise and attention to detail Jim was providing. Shortly after that dinner, they switched realtors, and within six weeks they became the second satisfied couple we’ve referred to Jim. Very recently, we referred yet another couple to Jim. He’s a great guy and a great realtor.



“This past year my husband and I sold our condo downtown and bought our dream house in Lake Oswego so that we could raise our family. We researched realtors and decided to interview a few to ensure that all of our desires could be met. Jim Arnal was at the top of our list due to his ability to meet all of our needs.

He is very personable and knows the real estate market inside and out both of which are extremely important qualities in a recession. We were more than pleased with his ability to listen to us and give us expert and sound advice both with the selling and purchasing of our homes this year. His strategies are ethically sound and his professionalism are two qualities which are hard to come by in today’s day and age. If you are looking for someone to help with the sale or purchase of your new home my husband and myself would not hesitate to recommend Jim Arnal.” Victor and Wendi Nelson



“I could not more highly recommend Jim Arnal. Jim represented us both in the sale of our old house and the purchase of a new home. The two transactions were very different and helped demonstrate the breadth of Jim’s expertise. 
”Jim’s strong background in marketing was very evident in the sale of old house. He put together an impressive marketing campaign which helped sell our house very quickly. The transaction itself could not have gone any more smoothly, thanks in no small part to Jim’s diligence and willingness to take on and manage all aspects of the sale.
”The purchase of our new home was much more challenging transaction.

I find it difficult to believe that another agent would have been able to hold the transaction together. I am a corporate transactional lawyer and am therefore very familiar with high level business negotiations; Jim did a better job negotiating the transaction than most if not all of the people I deal with. Jim was able to successfully navigate decommissioning an underground oil tank; crumbling chimneys, a faulty roof, and a particularly acrimonious negotiation all while we were on vacation in North Carolina. His ingenuity, attention to detail, and steadfast determination were the only things that held the transaction together.
”Jim brings an unparalleled level of integrity and professionalism to his field. At every point during both of our transactions we knew that we were Jim’s first priority. I would recommend Jim’s services to anyone but particularly to those who need an aggressive marketing campaign or envision the possibility of a challenging transaction.” Ewan and Lauren Rose



“Our initial meeting with Jim Arnal was not about real estate, it was a casual discussion about what our current home meant to our family and what features we wanted to explore in a new home. What first impressed me with Jim was his thoroughness as he initiated our relationship; he came prepared to listen to our buying requirements, assess our home value and worked with us to set realistic expectations for both buying and selling our home. His time bound approach to transaction milestones, detailed contractual agreements and his mastery of negotiation landed us in a position we frankly never expected could be as good as it was. 
Jim is a long time NE Portland resident with first-hand knowledge of the local neighborhoods.

His understanding of current home values and features will serve both existing and future market valuation of your real estate, critical to prospective home re-sale value; an area that if often over looked and under served. Jim is not only one of the best brokers in the area, but also surrounds himself and his clients with the best local tradesmen and contractors to make certain any home improvements done before or after the sale are completed to satisfy the most demanding customers. With the overwhelming details surrounding the sale of a home, this is one less item to manage and one more reason to select Jim Arnal as your real estate broker.” Terry and Sara Joehnk



“Jim Arnal helped us navigate what might have been a very stressful project and made it one of the most enjoyable. He helped us understand all of the decisions that we needed to make and took care of all the small but critical details that needed to happen to make a seamless transaction occur. I know the effort he put in to helping us sell our home while at the same time purchase a new one went well beyond what we witnessed. Because of his hard work we look back at that time as a joyful and exciting step in our life. It’s hard to imagine how it all would have gone without him as our advocate and guide.”

Jason and Amy Drews



“We met Jim in an intense real estate market where houses sold for more than the asking price, and in one day. We had decided on an area close to downtown and and with three young kids, were looking for the “twenty year house”. As such, it was critical having Jim’s hard work and expertise guide us through the process. Jim offers so much more than turning a key! We relied on Jim’s eye for home values, costs of potential repairs and his professional negotiation skills as we competed with other potential buyers. On top of these things, Jim has integrity, he is warm and genuine and we are glad to now count him among one of our friends. – Dr. Phillipi



“Jim Arnal is a consummate professional. From the moment my wife Keren and I met Jim, three characteristics stood out: his business acumen, his kind demeanor, and his utter professionalism. Jim worked with us, not just for us. Jim showed a strong ability to listen to our needs and goals, and to then suggest properties and neighborhoods that fit our profile. His level of real estate knowledge is truly impressive, and he knows how to translate that knowledge into actions that give his clients an advantage. Jim has the confidence to tell clients his strengths as a realtor, and the humility to allow his clients to direct parts of the process. He is incredibly generous with his time; in relocating from out of state, we had only a week to shop for a home, and Jim devoted extended blocks of time to us. Most of all, Jim really does care about his clients. It was clear to us that Jim wanted to see us in the best house for our vision as a family. I cannot imagine having a kinder, savvier realtor than Jim Arnal. It was a privilege to work with him. Keren Rosenblum and Justin Carroll



“We highly recommend Jim Arnal to all of our friends and colleagues. Our experience with him during the sale of our home and purchase of a new home was seamless. The overall transaction was extremely complex and involved two old homes in a difficult market. We felt very comfortable with Jim’s experience and opinion as we navigated the buying process in search of an old Portland home. The purchase of our new home was particularly complex and included decommissioning of an oil tank, installation of a new sewer line as well as other repairs and negotiations. My husband and I are both working professionals with a young child, and Jim handled every detail at a very stressful time in our lives. He accommodated our schedules on a moment’s notice. Jim’s promptness and compulsion with details are extraordinary and much appreciated in such an important life decision. He knew us personally and professionally and this definitely helped our transactions run more smoothly. One small example of his dedication and respect for our personal priorities was when Jim arranged our home purchase so that we could choose the new energy system in our home. This was definitely a decision that made the transaction more difficult, but Jim knew it was important to us and made it happen. Jim gets to know your priorities as a buyer and seller, and he respects this throughout the process. His personal presentation of our offer to the sellers of our new home was particularly impressive, and we believe, the key to getting into our new home.” – Dr. Bass



“Jim brings a wealth of insight and experience to his job. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about style and construction of homes, and he has an excellent, discerning sense for a good-value purchase. He recognized both good and bad characteristics in homes far more quickly and extensively than either myself or my wife. In addition, Jim has an outstanding work ethic and is highly generous and flexible
with his time. We would recommend Jim as a realtor to anyone and everyone we know, and we will certainly be counting on his expertise in our future real estate endeavors.” JEFF AND AMY



Jim has a thorough knowledge of Portland neighborhoods and helped us to find one that fit our needs and taste. He is very flexible and was always willing to accommodate my schedule. He is an excellent negotiator and client advocate. We bought an older home and Jim educated us regarding potential issues surrounding our home purchase. He is a great resource for all things Portland, from where to shop for home restoration products to where to find the best contractors in town. Jim has a great attention to detail and conducts his business in a courteous and professional manner. STEFAN AND KRISTEN



“Jim Arnal consistently exceeded my expectations for a realtor and I have nothing but the highest praise for his professionalism and service. I both plan to work with him when I buy my next house and highly recommend his service to others. I spoke to several realtors before I found Jim on the GME website. What distinguished him—in addition to his previous work with and knowledge of the physician community and —was his patience, dedication, complete attention to detail, and his engaging and intelligent personality. The experience for me of purchasing a house on the west coast while living on the east coast was as seamless and successful as if I had actually been in Portland the whole time. I attribute that largely to Jim’s ‘above and beyond service’ in helping to arrange inspections, etc. when I wasn’t there, all the while maintaining thorough and frequent communication. I have found Jim’s knowledge of the Portland area, his realty experience, and his dedication to and enthusiasm about his work unparalleled.” – Dr. Ehst



As first-time homebuyers, we were really grateful for Jim’s patience, guidance, expertise, and advocacy. When we met him we spent almost two hours while he listened to what we wanted in a house. He showed us about 20 houses before we made an offer. He actually talked us OUT of several houses – he pointed out things that as lifelong renters we had never considered – things like age of piping, electrical wiring, woodwork, and a lot more. At the price point we were looking at, the market was very competitive and we ended up in a competitive-bid situation. In what was a nervous time for us, Jim kept it cool and provided sound advice that led us to winning the contract. After we won the contract, Jim continued to advocate for us in the inspection period. His advice led to us testing the sewer line, and when we found that it was damaged, he negotiated with the seller so they replaced it at no cost to us (a roughly $5,000 job). We continue to stay in touch with Jim, and consider him a friend. Matt and Megan



“I can’t possibly say enough good things about working Jim to buy or sell a house. It seems like everyone knows a “good realtor” in this town, but I always feel bad for them when its not Jim Arnal. I’ve not met many people who love this town as much as he does, and he certainly knows Portland better than anyone! He has a rare appreciation for architecture and design and an eye for quality that translates to you getting the best house for your money. When we were buying our house, he was happy to show us as many houses as we wanted to see, and in each one was able to show us where we would be getting a good buy and where workmanship was hurried and/or lacking. As our realtor on the seller side, he was amazing – his market analysis was astute and his advice on preparing our home for sale was spot on. He took gorgeous photos and produced some of the nicest flyers and postcards I’ve seen and we had multiple offers on our home after just two days on the market. And we weren’t selling a high end Irvington craftsman… He truly provides “nordstrom” quality service to every client, regardless of how much your home will sell for or what neighborhood it is in. He also provided excellent advice on every step of the process, making sure that our interests would be protected as much as possible, both as sellers and as buyers. His negotiation skills are outstanding – you will always have the advantage when Jim is on your side. There is so much to think about and worry about when you are buying and selling a home, and when you work with Jim, you can feel confident that he is taking care of everything. I could go on and on and on. Thank you so much Jim, for EVERYTHING!” Erica and Jordan Heintz



“Jim Arnal is without question the best realtor in Portland. He listens very carefully to what it is you are looking for and then he finds you exactly what you want. Furthermore, he understands how busy a doctor’s schedule is and makes every effort to accommodate you. Jim brings the same energy, dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism to his work that a physician brings to the practice of medicine. I recommend Jim without reservation to everyone I know who is looking for a home.” – Dr. Anna Dowling



“Jim Arnal went far beyond the Real Estate norm to aggressively market our home. The breadth and diversity of his campaigns are unparalleled in the industry. From virtual tours online to good old fashioned open houses, he worked harder than any Real Estate Broker we have ever worked with. Although we had to sell our home quickly, Jim always went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and in control. Before we even put the house on the market, Jim gave us great advice on how to make our home more appealing; he even offered his own personal staging items to help. We had three offers in the first three days and all the offers were full price or better. We were more than happy with the price that our home went for and would undoubtedly recommend Jim Arnal to our closest friends and family.” Summer and Ryan



“I have to say that Jim is an absolutely wonderful realtor who not only helps with finding a home but stays with his client throughout the entire process. He truly represents his client in every way. We had a very difficult purchase (through no fault of Jim’s or ours) and Jim had the patience and perseverance to see us through it. Jim has personal and professional integrity and is trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone looking at property in the Portland area. I considered him to be a friend and advocate as well as our realtor. Both my husband and I found a wonderful property, nicer than anything we had envisioned and we have Jim to thank for it.”



“My wife and I are first-time buyers, and we initially felt intimidated by the thought of looking for, and purchasing our first home. Jim’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and confidence had a contagious effect on us both. Most important, he made us feel as though he was at our disposal at all times during our purchase.
”From the first day forward, Jim worked diligently to find us the specific place we wanted and continued to work hard for us during the entire process. Not only did we end up with a great house, but Jim was there to negotiate a fair, beneficial deal on our behalf. My wife Heidi and I are both extremely happy with the job he has done for us and highly recommend him.”



“After spending the majority of my life in the Portland area, I turned to Jim Arnal for my home buying needs. Jim’s in depth knowledge of the Portland neighborhoods and diverse real estate markets was a very pleasant surprise. He actively listened and acted upon my list of wants and dont wants for my new home. Jim’s work ethic and professionalism impressed both myself, as well as others involved in my home buying transaction, such as my mortgage lender, home inspector, the sellers and the seller’s agent. Jim’s diligence was evident as he pulled listings daily, previewed properties for me, provided me digital images of potential homes and always made himself available to me via telephone, email and/or in person. 
”Jim clearly goes above and beyond the call of real estate broker duties. He proactively worked with outside experts (i.e. pool retailers, environmental consultants, siding contractors etc.) to gather additional financial insights for me regarding repair costs, potential upgrades possibilities & costs, as well as oil tank clean-ups. Jim is a great representative of his client during all aspects of the home buying or selling transaction. Jim’s solid marketing and negotiation skills give his clients an advantage during the home buying process. During the transaction, I was always comfortable that Jim was working for me and there were never conflicting priorities. End result I bought a fantastic home, for a very fair price. I highly recommend Jim Arnal to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Portland area.” Julie D.



Jim Arnal worked harder to find us a home in Portland than any agent we have had during the 37 years we’ve been married. While we were still in California closing on our home there, Jim checked out numerous homes for us in Portland, sent us digital photos, drew and sent us detailed floor plans, and kept in touch daily via email or phone. When we came to Portland to look at properties, he spent endless hours showing us various homes. His amazing negotiation skills enabled us to purchase a home we originally thought was outside our price range and once our offer was accepted, he put us in touch with a mortgage broker and escrow agent who was able to close the deal in less than 3 weeks. As a result, we moved directly from one home to another without having to put our belongings in storage. We’ll never again wonder Do we really need an agent? Jim made it all happen and we’re delighted. Gail and Dan Stiffler