3 BEDS, 1 BATH, 2560 SQFT



“I can’t possibly say enough good things about working Jim to buy or sell a house. It seems like everyone knows a “good realtor” in this town, but I always feel bad for them when its not Jim Arnal. I’ve not met many people who love this town as much as he does, and he certainly knows Portland better than anyone! He has a rare appreciation for architecture and design and an eye for quality that translates to you getting the best house for your money. When we were buying our house, he was happy to show us as many houses as we wanted to see, and in each one was able to show us where we would be getting a good buy and where workmanship was hurried and/or lacking. As our realtor on the seller side, he was amazing – his market analysis was astute and his advice on preparing our home for sale was spot on. He took gorgeous photos and produced some of the nicest flyers and postcards I’ve seen and we had multiple offers on our home after just two days on the market. And we weren’t selling a high end Irvington craftsman… He truly provides “nordstrom” quality service to every client, regardless of how much your home will sell for or what neighborhood it is in. He also provided excellent advice on every step of the process, making sure that our interests would be protected as much as possible, both as sellers and as buyers. His negotiation skills are outstanding – you will always have the advantage when Jim is on your side. There is so much to think about and worry about when you are buying and selling a home, and when you work with Jim, you can feel confident that he is taking care of everything. I could go on and on and on. Thank you so much Jim, for EVERYTHING!” Erica and Jordan Heintz

Price: $375,000
Taxes: $3,292.88
MLS #: 6061008
Year Built: 1932
  • Client Bought and Sold
  • Jim Represented BUYER
  • SOLD