4 BEDS, 3.1 BATHS, 3049 SQFT



Jim helped us purchase our first home in Multnomah Village. He was available almost 24/7 and made every effort to work with our schedule as much as possible. I really appreciated the organization Jim demonstrated when it was time to tour several homes, allowing us plenty of time to walk around the house. It is a great asset to have a realtor that brings more to the table than just the purchase. Jim has a great knowledge of building techniques, a great eye for architecture and a ton of experience to help you gain information about a house. He was eager to dig around in the basement to figure out what the heating system was, climbed on the roof to inspect the roofing materials and crawled on his knees to determine whether there was hardwood flooring underneath the carpet. After all that, the most impressive thing about Jim was that he never steered you one way or the other. He provides information, lots of it, but really leaves the more personal decision of whether you like a house to you, the buyers. Objectivity and integrity are good things to have in a realtor. Even months after the purchase, Jim stood with us as we had some issues to deal with the previous owners. It is that kind of hard work and personal dedication that makes Jim an outstanding realtor. We are now gearing up for the purchase of a new home, and I could not imagine not asking Jim for his advice and services.

Price: $449,000
Taxes: $4,347.03
MLS #: 13254500
Year Built: 1954
  • Jim Represented BUYER
  • SOLD