3 BEDS, 1 BATH, 1143 SQFT


Jamie and Lorenzo (BUYERS THEN SELLERS)

Jim knows houses. He understands the principles of solid construction because he’s built houses. This skill is incredibly valuable when you are assessing a house. Having lived in apartments, we didn’t know what to look for as we shopped for our first house. Jim did.

Once we were ready to make our first offer, Jim did not back down in any negotiations. He fought for the install of a new sewer line and for an oil tank decommissioning; all at the sellers expense. These two negotiations, and the corresponding paperwork, paid off when we were ready to sell.

The selling process couldn’t have been easier with Jim leading negotiations and making sure to find the right buyers. We had multiple offers, thanks to Jim effective marketing and careful vetting. I can’t say enough about the way Jim advocated for us with the final buyer’s agent. He kept every promise he made to us when we, as team, decided to sell.

The word realtor doesn’t come close to conveying Jim’s skill set and dedication to his profession. He is detailed, thorough and he really works for his clients. He’s not a salesman, which at the end of the day is critical when you are making a decision as important to your future, and your family as buying or selling a home.

Price: $260,000
Taxes: $2,840.26
MLS #: 14495106
Year Built: 1943
  • Jim Represented BUYER (prior sale)
  • Jim Represented SELLER
  • SOLD